As Partner of BridgeWork Partners, Amy Legate assists in recruiting with the service delivery and recruiting team, offering 20+ years of experience.

During her career, Amy has had ongoing direct hire experience sourcing IT professionals, management, finance, HR professionals, marketing and an array of positions for clients locally and nationally. She has leveraged multiple engagement processes and Applicant Tracking Systems and has worked with multi-thousand databases for clients. In addition, she has worked in RPO HR environments to hiring full-time positions in collaboration with HR.

As Director of Service for Veritude, a Fidelity Investments Company, her role was expanded to include multiple on-site partnerships throughout the U.S. and Canada. She managed approximately $100,000,000 in temporary services revenue, which included over 1,600 temporary associates. As a senior operational resource versed in staffing processes, employment law, and skill assessments, she provided a layer of operational oversight that focused on the unification of business processes. Prior to joining Veritude, Amy worked in the human resources department for a nationwide 3,700 employee based company. Her work covered all areas of health and welfare benefits, service awards, tuition reimbursement, relocation, and compensation and performance management.

Amy has also engaged with clients as an HR leader of Talent Acquisition through BridgeWork Partners. Here she effectively assisted in growing, developing, and collaborating with the HR leadership to implement process improvement and HR talent acquisition effectiveness. She has worked with partnerships to build long-term business relationships that yield high client satisfaction and growth.

Amy Legate is a graduate from Stephen F. Austin State University.